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We serve our clients with consulting and monitoring services that combine Economic & Human Value Engineering in a structured manner.

Economic Value Engineering is primarily about optimising a project or system's function, objectives and cost, with the purpose of improving its overall worth and reducing its lifetime cost. 

Human Value Engineering is about social and environmental aspects but it ultimately deals with sustainability of the project and organisation.

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EHV’s extensive services are available to a wide range of clients, including:
  • Food and drink sector companies
  • Energy supply companies
  • Waste management companies 
  • Biochemical, biotech and pharmaceutical companies
  • Governments and their agencies
  • Local authorities
  • Funding bodies

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Customer service is at the heart of our organisation and so we love to keep in regular touch with all of our clients. 

We aim to support and help optimise the innovation of your R&D activities in life sciences, energy and environment sectors focussing on the sustainable integration of economic, social and environmental issues.

“Just as energy is the basis of life itself, innovation is the vital spark of all human change, improvement and progress.”

Ted Levitt


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