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We are a small family-run business established in 2011 based in Oxfordshire, England.

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Dr Prabodh Mistry

Prabodh is a technical strategist with over 30 years of experience in environment and energy areas applied to agriculture, food processing, chemical and biochemical manufacture. His PhD research was based on process development and economic engineering of bioenergy/AD systems. He has a strong background in managing R&D and commercialisation projects and has undertaken projects for the UK Government, sector associations and private sector companies. He has led multidisciplinary teams on plant feasibility and investment appraisals and completed over 20 overseas assignments on application of waste management systems, investigative cleaner production and environmental compliance management for major public sector clients in Europe, China and India. In the UK, From 2003 to 2010 Prabodh provided technical and programme support to the Carbon Trust; and in relation to the Climate Change Agreements, he has undertaken numerous and diverse activities with individual facilities in a range of sectors.

Nikita Mistry

Nikita has experience of clinical trials and drug development, predominantly in clinical operations of early phase oncology clinical trials. Nikita brings an enthusiasm for science and innovation with 10 years of experience from the life sciences R&D sector where she has worked in a contract research organisation setting as well as a sponsor setting, working with academic and pharmaceutical partners. Nikita has a keen interest in health economics too and in her early career has been involved in work developing budget impact models to show aspects of cost-effectiveness of new treatments to NHS stakeholders.

Food for Thought

The practise, education and understanding of human values has been at the forefront of Prabodh's life and work. It is an extension of the work we do at EHV Engineering. A piece of his passion project can be seen in the video above.


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